Hospitality meets indulgence

Explore the Black Forest in a culinary way and enjoy the meals.

Hospitality meets indulgence

There is a German saying: Food keeps body and soul together. Seasonal specialties as fresh asparagus or chanterelles from the domestic Straubenhardt forests alternate with appreciated classics like "Wiener Schnitzel" or Svabian roast beef. For those with a sweet tooth we serve every day our delicious homemade cakes.

Have a look at our menu


Smoked trout fillet with apple horseradish & toast (8)
10,80 €

Fruity melon shrimp cocktail with toast (2,8)
11,00 €

Beef carpaccio, marinated with balsamic dressing on salad bouquet, parmesan and baguette (2,3,4,8)
12,00 €


Beef broth with Kräuterflädle (herbal pancake strips)(8)
4,80 €

Beef broth with Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli)(8)
4,80 €

Cream of tomato with cognac cream (2,3,4)
5,50 €

„Elsässer“ Onionsoup with cheese baguette(8)
5,50 €

Main courses

Salads & main courses

Mixed salad with a delicious dressing
5,50 €

Fried turkey strips with seasonal salads and baguette (8)
11,80 €

Salad plate "Nizza", with tomato, egg, tuna and baguette (2,8)
11,80 €

Puff pastry pasties "Königin Art" filled with ragout fin and gratinated with hollandaise sauce (3,8)
9,80 €

"Jaegertoast" pork medallions with wild mushroom, tomatoes and rashers of bacon, gratinated with hollandaise sauce (1,3,8)
11,80 €

Pasta dishes & egg dishes

*Homemade Maultaschen (Svabian ravioli) in the broth or fried in an eggy batter, with mixed salad (1,3,4,5,7)
13,50 €

*Homemade Maultaschen (Svabian ravioli) with mushroom sauce(1,3,4,5,7)
13,80 €

Vegetarian dishes

*Cheese spaetzle "Baden style" (traditional Swabian noodles with fried onions and grated cheese) with strips of ham & lettuce
13,30 €

Colourful vegetable platter with potatoes Hollandaise sauce & mixed salad (2,3)
15,20 €

Mushroom omelette with tomato-basil sauce served with rice & salad (8)
14,60 €

Stir-fry potatoes Provençal with fresh vegetables & gratinated with feta cheese and seasonal salads (2,3)
15,60 €

Fried corn pancakes with a filling of spinach and cream-cheese on tomato sauce & mixed salad (2,3,4)
15,60 €


Breaded pork steak with French fries and mixed salad (8)
14,20 €

Saddle pork steak "Jäger Art" on wild mushrooms, with spaetzle (Svabian pasta) & mixed salad (8)
15,30 €

Poultry & game

*Turkey roll stuffed with feta cheese in tomato sauce, with pasta, grilled vegetables & mixed salad (2,3,5)
17,30 €

*Fried noisette of lamb gratinated with herb crust on shallot sauce, with courgette-pepper vegetables and potatoes (3,8)
24,30 €

*Medium-fried venison medallions served on juniper cream sauce, with homemade spaetzle (Svabian pasta) & mixed salad (1,2,3,4,8)
24,30 €


Svabian roast beef with onions, on Maultäschle (Svabian ravioli), spaetzle (Svabian pasta) & salad
21,50 €

Rump steak fried at your choice on herb butter, grilled tomato, with a bundle of beans & French fries (1,2,3,7,8)
25,70 €

*Beef loin steak fried at your choice on colourful pepper sauce, grilled tomato, with Schupfnudeln (Svabian potato noodles) & salad plate (7,8)
25,30 €


*Veal escalope„ Vienna style“ with French fries & salad plate (8)
18,20 €

*Calf's liver "Berlin style" potato croquettes (3,4,8)
19,30 €

*Veal steak "Königin Art" gratinated with ragout fin, potato croquettes & salad plate (2,3,8)
19,30 €

*Veal fricassee "Zurich style (strips of veal in a cream and mushroom sauce) with potato rösti (grated fried potatoes) & salad (3,7,8)
21,40 €

Chef's specialities

*"Straubenhardt" fillet plate (fillet of pork) on mushrooms in cream sauce, spaetzle (Svabian pasta) & seasonal salad (1,3,7,8)
19,10 €

"Adlerhof" fillet plate with beef & pork on two sauces, vegetable garnish, with Schupfnudeln (Svabian potato noodles) & salad plate (1,2,3,4,8)
23,30 €

Order in advance for min. 2 persons:

Whole knuckle of veal fried crisply with side dishes at your choice

Beef Tatar with bread & butter

Culinary calendar

July/August - Holiday feeling on the terrace

The barbecue is hot
Steaks and salad specialities


Chanterelles and porcini


Around the pumpkin

Winter delights

Game, duck, goose and various delicacies for the festive days of the year.

17. November - 15th Adlerhof kitchen party

Large menu with wine tasting (offer with accommodation)

Christmas day - The great festivity of the delights of the table

Let us spoil you with a festive menu (see offer special arrangements)

Turn of the year

Unforgettably nice New Year's Eve ball with delicious surprise menu and magnificent view of the local New Year’s fireworks (see offer special arrangements)

Valentine's day

Candlelight dinner with menu for two (4 courses with a price to fall in love)

*All dishes marked with an asterisk, you can order as a small portion

Additives: 1 nitrite curing salt, 2 stabiliser, 3 preservatives E 250, 4 flavour enhancer, 7 acidity regulator, 8 starch, 9 sea salt